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Car Research from AutoNation Drive

More than getting there: research commuter cars

With the rising cost of living in the city, more and more Americans are choosing to commute. A reliable vehicle helps make that daily drive less of a chore. And there are some great picks out there these days -- modern cars might as well be your home away from home for that hour a day that you're sitting on the freeway.

Discover a great car, truck, or SUV won't turn your daily commute into a job.

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What makes a great commuter car?

Fuel economy, safety, and infotainment systems are just a few of the features to consider when choosing a car for your daily commute. But interior features such as heated and cooled seats may feel like more of a necessity depending on where you drive from and to.

For AutoNation Drive editors, the perfect commuter car is a triple threat: excellent fuel economy, stylish and comfortable interior with all the amenities of home, and offers plenty of cargo space.

The best SUVs for city driving

Many modern-day commuters choose SUVs as a steady commuter vehicle. SUVs make for great carpoolers, haulers, and long-distance runners. And gone are the days that SUVs run up a bigger gas bill than your average sedan. Here are just a few SUVs to choose from.

  • The Honda CR-V is one of the top-rated SUVs with an MPG is 28/34.
  • The Nissan Rogue is a surprising fuel-sipper with 26/33 MPG.
  • It's hard to beat the Subaru Forester in either the city or the country with its 26/33 MPG.

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