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Trim Level Packages Guides

What are trim level packages?

A trim is a variation of a vehicle produced by an automaker that offers a certain set of features. Some higher-end trim levels cost more than others due to the cusotmizations involved.

Is a trim package the same as an accessory package?

A trim package is a variation of a vehicle with customizations or modifications made to it, while an accessory package is a list of features or vehicle add-ons that the customer can add at the time of sale. Trims are produced by the manufacturer, while accessory packages may often involve third-party products.

How do I begin researching trim levels?

Our editors have taken the leg work out of trim level research for you and created myriad guides surrounding features, brands, and more. Browse our guides below, such as our Heated and Cooled Seats Guide, to get started.

Trim Levels Guides By Brand

Research trim levels packages by brand.

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Honda Trim Levels Guide

Learn about the different Honda trim levels available. Our editors break down popular trim levels from this line of extensive models, from cars to minivans and back again.

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Jeep Trim Levels Guide

Discover the various trim levels offered by Jeep. This adventurous line of SUVs offers drivers even more to love with a variety of trim levels to enjoy.

Trim Levels Guides By Feature

Research trim levels packages by popular vehicle features, such as heated and cooled seats.

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Heated and Cooled Seats Guide

Check out our editors' picks for the best trim levels on cars, trucks, and SUVs with heated and cooled seats.

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Coolest Appearance Packages Guide

Our editors recommend the coolest appearance packages across the spectrum of automakers.