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Our Guide to Chevrolet Silverado Models

Tradition continues to dictate how Chevrolet classifies its popular Silverado lineup; discover the difference between the 1500, 2500, 3500, and other trim options.

Chevrolet research

Discover Chevrolet Cars and Trucks

Chevrolet is an American automaker known for trucks, muscle cars, and sporty racing cars. Commonly referred to as Chevy, this popular American brand has something for everyone. Popular Chevrolet models include Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Traverse, and Chevrolet Blazer.

Where do I start with Chevrolet research?

At AutoNation Drive, we put you in the driver's seat with feature round-ups, test drive reviews, research videos, and more great content to help you find the car that fits your lifestyle and budget. Below you'll find all that and more featuring great Chevrolet cars and SUVs.

Recent Chevrolet articles

Exterior view of the C8 Corvette

Future Classics: The C8 Corvette

The unveiling of the C8 Corvette, a mid-engine sports car under $60,000, was a watershed moment for the American auto industry.

Flat bed pickup truck rear view

Critical Maintenance: What Your Tow Vehicle Needs

Learn about the critical maintenance checks every towing vehicle needs before hitting the highway.

Exterior view of one of the best trucks for towing fifth wheels

Top Five: Trucks for Towing Fifth Wheels

If you want to stand out from the crowd, these appearance packages from popular automakers are just the ticket.

Exterior view of one of the best cars for towing travel trailers

Top Five: Cars for Towing Travel Trailers

Enjoy the top five cars for towing small travel trailers, perfect for a short vacation or a long haul drive.

Exterior view of a 2021 Chevy vehicle

What's New: Looking Ahead at 2021 Chevy Models

Discover what's new for Chevrolet in the year 2021. We take a look ahead at updates to the Corvette, Suburban, Tahoe, and other Chevrolet favorites.

Exterior view of the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 LE

Future Classic: The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 LE

Discover the car that Chevrolet called "the most Camaro thing we've ever done": the Camaro ZL1 LE.

See one of the best crossover vehicles ready for road trips

Roadtrip Ready Crossovers

Watch a video round-up of crossover buys just right for your summer road trip.

See one of the best of the modern muscle cars

Best Modern Muscle Cars

Automotive enthusiast Andy Reid extolls the virtues of the modern muscle cars.

Roomiest Sedans of 2020 " alt="See one of the roomiest sedans of 2020" width="100%">

Roomiest Sedans of 2020

Need more room? These sedans offer more than your average cargo space for whatever gear you've got.

See one of the best sports cars for beginning enthusiasts

Best Starter Sports Cars

Get a roundup of starter sports cars that anyone can handle from sports car enthusiast Andy Reid.

Exterior view of one of the best-selling trucks in America

Top 5 Best-Selling Trucks in America

Which is the best selling truck in America? We take a look at the data to determine who is buying what.

Picture of kids wearing seatbelts in the back seat

Stay In Your Lane: Lane Keeping Assist FAQ

Discover the best lane keeping assist systems in modern cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Exterior view of one of the best SUVs with rear seat entertainment

Party in the Back: SUVs with Rear Seat Entertainment

Get the low-down on SUVs with rear seat entertainment systems so everybody has a good time on the road.

Exterior view of one of the best SUVs we drove in 2019

Best Trucks of 2019

The results are in! Discover the best trucks AutoNation Drive editors drove in 2019.

Exterior view of one of the coolest cars we drove in 2019

Coolest Cars of 2019

The results are in! AutoNation Drive editors pick the best cars on the market for 2019.

A vehicle featured in Rear Legroom Battles of Midsize Sedans

Rear Legroom Battles of Midsize Sedans

Discover great sedans that offer plenty of leg room, from the Honda Accord to the Toyota Camry.

Chevrolet Reviews and Videos

Read test drive reviews and watch research videos featuring Chevrolet vehicles.

Exterior view of Chevrolet vehicle

Chevrolet Car Research Videos

Watch car research videos featuring popular Chevrolet models. Find head-to-head comparisons of Chevrolet vehicles with other models in the luxury segment.

Exterior view of Chevrolet vehicle

Chevrolet Test Drive Reviews

Read test drive reviews featuring great Chevrolet cars and SUVs. Read test drive reviews of Chevrolet cars and SUVs, from the Chevrolet Silverado to the Chevy Corvette.