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Electric Response: AND's Favorite EVs of 2022

Electric cars aren't anything new, as they've been around since the very dawn of the automotive industry. But the last few years have seen an industry-wide pivot toward zero-emission vehicles, and that's great for EV buyers. 

Right now, folks interested in going green have more choices than ever before, and the days of sacrificing performance or luxury are long gone. For proof, just check out our Electric Vehicle Research Hub!

Because there's only so much time in the day, the editors at AutoNation Drive didn't get a chance to drive every new 2022 EV. That said, we drove enough to get a great feel for all the latest tech--and it's made us more excited about the industry than ever. So check some of the favorite electric vehicles we drove over the last 12 months. You're sure to see something that makes you tempted to come to the green side!

2022 BMW i4 M50

Electric Response: AND's Favorite EVs of 2022

This Bavarian green machine doesn't look like an electric car. It looks like a traditional high-performance German luxury sedan, and from my perspective, that's a great thing. The i4 M50 is less an "electric car," than a car that happens to be electric. 

Shop BMW i4 Inventory

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Electric Response: AND's Favorite EVs of 2022

Who knew that the future of trucks would look very much like present day trucks? In fact, if you didn't read the badge, it would be easy to mistake this Lightning for a standard, petrol powered F-150. The truth is that under the skin this is a very different machine.

Shop Ford F-150 Lightning Inventory

2022 Ford Mach-E Performance Edition

Electric Response: AND's Favorite EVs of 2022

The instant power delivery of the Mach-E Performance Edition is revelatory. Because while it's one thing to read about how electric vehicles have all their torque available at zero rpm, it is another thing entirely to experience it firsthand. Thrust is immediate. 

Shop Ford Mach E Inventory

Hyundai KONA Electric Limited 

Electric Response: AND's Favorite EVs of 2022

Though it weighs 500 pounds more than the gas-powered KONA, the KONA Electric doesn't feel much different from the sporty KONA N Line. But it's an absolute rocket off the line, and the lower center of gravity actually makes it feel slightly more agile in the corners. 

Shop Hyundai KONA Electric Inventory

2022 Mercedes-EQ EQS

Electric Response: AND's Favorite EVs of 2022

One day, the Mercedes S-Class will be exclusively an EV, and the switch to electron elegance is off to a great start. The EQS 580 4MATIC is distinctive, tech-rich, comfortable, and potent enough to give the S-Class an outstanding start to its next 50 years.

Shop Mercedes-EQ EQS Inventory

2023 Toyota bZ4x

Electric Response: AND's Favorite EVs of 2022

Toyota is looking to the future with its first mainstream all-electric crossover, and the bZ4X offers a competitive package. Its advanced infotainment system first appeared in the latest Lexus NX crossover, and it also features natural voice search and over-the-air updates.

Shop Toyota bZ4x Inventory

2022 Volkswagen ID.4

Electric Response: AND's Favorite EVs of 2022

With the mid-size Atlas, Volkswagen may have been fashionably late to the the three-row SUV party. But with the ID.4, the German giant is definitely ahead of the game. This electric SUV is an EV for the masses, and addresses all the main concerns many new EV buyers have.

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