The next time you get behind the wheel, can you come up with your top reasons for your love of driving? Whatever your list looks like, car aficionados the world over all have their own personal reasons for their car obsession. While each of us is unique, there are some universal truths about cars that drivers everywhere can agree upon. Here is a list of our top five reasons why we love cars so much.
You’ve heard it from friends and you’ve most likely done the same – you recall vivid details about setting out in your trusty automobile and arriving at your destination. But the details in between are a bit foggy. This is the cathartic, driving-induced trance that we sometimes slip into under just the right conditions and coordinates. Think about it. This is an outstanding entryway into mediation. Where else can such profound introspection occur? The fact that you weren’t even trying to meditate makes it all the more special. The same results apply for those who work on their cars, or who travel long distances in their favorite vehicles.
Sunday Drives
The pointlessness of the Sunday Drive is – the point. You love your car when it gets you swiftly and reliably to work. But what fun-windows down, tunes blasting, twisty roads and big empty spaces-no pressure to be anywhere or answer to anyone. Bliss.
From the moment you get that driver’s license, you’ll never be the same again. You can go places. You break the bonds of being a dependent to actually being able to just bounce, on a whim, whenever you like. You are free to move about the country at your own pace. Getting the keys for the first time is your official rite of passage into adulthood.
The wheels you choose are a direct extension of how you view yourself as a person. You should have a car that reflects traits of your personality. For the bold and adventurous, maybe you define yourself with a Subaru Outback. For those concerned about the environment, perhaps a Toyota Prius shows the world who you are.
Cars are one of the greatest environments for bonding with family and friends. If you’re forming a new relationship, there are dozens of features and details about your car that can be used as conversation fodder. Long trips in a car with a new friend can also be the perfect tool to get to know someone fast and there are endless opportunities to get glimpses into the genuine personality of your new special friend.

If you’re ready to take her out for a spin to test compatibility and worthiness for a Sunday drive, have your favorite car manufacturer in mind and visit your local AutoNation dealer today.  
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