Don't Worry if You Couldn't Make it to Sin City, We've Got You Covered

-- by John Coyle

There’s just nothing like SEMA. Since 1967, the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association has hosted the annual gathering, and in the five decades since, it’s become the world’s craziest automotive carnival.

The big show moved from California to the Las Vegas Convention Center in the late 1970s, and today, it’s second only to the Consumer Electronics Show in size. With over a million square feet of space to explore, there’s something for every type of gearhead.

Watch the video, and check out some of our favorite cars from SEMA 2019 below!

The 2020 Toyota Supra was out in force at SEMA 2019

The last generation Supra was a legendary platform in the world of tuners, so it’s no surprise that there were loads of them on the floor of the show. But this battleship gray example was our favorite. We can’t wait to see what buyers do with their cars.

The Dodge Challenger Drag Pack is prepped at the factory to slay at the strip

The Challenger Drag Pack is what happens when the wizards at Ma Mopar take the gloves off and build a factory drag car. It’s not street legal, but right off the showroom floor, it’ll do the quarter mile in eight seconds. Only 65 will be made.

Jeep fans have been asking for a Jeep pickup for over two decades, and the Gladiator was everything they hoped it would be. With a roof-mounted tent and trick tool sets mounted along the sides of the bed, this red rig is ready for anything.

A first-gen Ford Bronco on hand at SEMA 2019.

Right now, off-road fans all over the world are waiting to see the next generation of Ford’s iconic Bronco. And to stoke the anticipation, the Blue Oval brought along a classic example to show off in the booth. Here’s hoping the new version looks as good.

This custom Ford F-350 is ready to take you overlanding in style.

When you walk the floor at SEMA, you’re bound to hear a conversation about light pollution. Just kidding, you really won’t. But stargazers would love this burly F-350, which along with being a mobile campsite, is packing a telescope to provide a crystal clear view of the heavens.

Even if you’re not a camper, you’ll admit this Ford F-350 with a roof tent looks amazing.

If the car of SEMA 2019 was the Supra, the must-have accessory was a pop-up roof tent.This Baja-ready F-350 looks ready for anything, and the massive generator in the back means that you’ll be able to power all your creature comforts regardless of how far out of town you get.

This Gladiator with a Grand Wagoneer face is a great blend of old and new.

Full-on customs are one of the best reasons to go to SEMA, and this Gladiator with the face of an early ‘60s Grand Wagoneer shows why. Like a proper Jeep, it’s a convertible, and we absolutely love the stripped down look of the bed.

This two-door Gladiator Jeep concept was a hit at the Easter Jeep Safari.

Every year, the folks from Jeep bring a bunch of concepts to the desert in Moab for the Easter Jeep Safari, and they’re always a hit. This two-door Gladiator concept in Smurf blue was a big hit this year, as lots of fans thought a classic cab should have been a factory option.

This tribute to murderous movie car Christine packs a Hellcat engine.

If you’re a gearhead and a fan of horror flicks, you’ll be familiar with Christine, the murderous 1957 Plymouth Fury from Stephen King’s book. This year, there was a replica on the floor, which was appropriately powered by a Hellcat engine. Seems like a match made in… Heaven?

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