Honda and Toyota both have loyal fans, and this is a touch choice. So lets see who comes out in the Honda Pilot vs.Toyota Highlander battle!

In this corner, we have the 2019 Honda Pilot. As the biggest crossover in the company’s stable, it’s what Civic fans long for once they have kids. Next, we have the 2019 Toyota Highlander. It’s good there can’t only be one, because these are popular, and everyone sharing would be impractical. It’s hardly Mustang vs. Camaro — but Honda and Toyota both have fierce fanbases. So will the Pilot fly into your heart? Or will the the Highlander prove your immortal beloved? Let’s look at the engines, interiors, standard features, and pricing to find out.

Of course, you shouldn’t buy a car without a thorough test drive. So if you’re deciding between the Honda Pilot and the Toyota Highlander, visit to find a nearby dealer!

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