Subaru BRZ

Will Subaru ever produce a high-performance BRZ STI? We can't say, but what we can say is that the Subaru BRZ STI Performance Concept the brand unveiled at the 2015 New York International Auto Show in New York City is absolutely stunning. Wide fender flares, gorgeous wheels, a menacing front bumper and a large rear wing -- the STI Performance Concept has just about everything we've dreamed of in a high-performance BRZ STI.

Created to show off STI's expansion in the United States, the BRZ STI Performance Concept represents a culmination of realities for Subaru's performance tuning division. For one, Subaru Performance Tuning (SPT) is dead, as STI-engineered parts are now the new norm at Subaru. The STI sub-brand is more than just parts though, and Subaru says this concept also signifies STI's continued commitment to factory-produced STI-tuned Subarus. Finally, the BRZ STI Performance Concept showcases Subaru and STI's dedication to motorsports.

Power for the BRZ STI Performance Concept comes courtesy of an STI-developed engine based on the one in the Subaru BRZ Super GT race car. While the company didn't announce specific power figures for the concept, the race car-derived engine of the BRZ STI Performance Concept certainly reinforces STI's stated commitment to motorsports.

Does the BRZ STI Performance Concept signify a forthcoming Subaru BRZ STI? We sure hope so.

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