AutoNation constantly keeps up with all the latest updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), public officials, and other leading health experts. Their recommendations help guide our safety procedures and the steps our stores take to make sure everyone stays healthy. Here are just some of the things we're doing to Keep America Driving Safe.

Cleaning is in Overdrive

We're making extra sure that all our 300 stores and service centers are constantly disinfected. In fact, we clean our locations multiple times a day and routinely sanitize high-touch and common areas like door handles, bathrooms and kitchens with virus-killing CDC-approved disinfectants. We even provide our Customers an individually wrapped disposable pen to sign all documents. Plus, we've given all our Associates disinfectant wipes so they can make sure their desks, phonHow AutoNation is Keeping America Driving Safees and keyboards stay germ-free.

Staying on Track With Social Distancing

We love seeing our Customers in our stores, but we love seeing them stay healthy even more. That's why we follow the CDC-recommended practice of staying 6-feet apart during all interactions. Whether you're in the showroom, service center or just walking the lot… we'll be walking 6-feet away.

We also understand the role face masks play in reducing the spread of the coronavirus, so all Associates are required to wear masks at our locations. Additionally, we ask our Customers to kindly follow all local health and government guidelines regarding face mask usage. Signs are posted to remind everyone of the most current policies. Together, we can all stay healthy & safe.

Even our Cars Wear Masks (Sort Of)

With over 2,500 vehicles sold every day, we need to make sure every car and truck stays clean and sanitized. That's why our Cleaning Crews & Associates wipe down all door handles, steering wheels, dashboards and more several times a day. It doesn't stop there. Our new & pre-owned vehicles are sanitized with EPA-Approved disinfectants. Just look for the "SANITIZED" seal on the vehicle door to confirm its been prepped & sanitized.

Service Centers are Geared for Safety

Just like in our showrooms, our service TechXperts practice social distancing and wear face masks for everyone's safety. Every effort will be made to make your service visit as touch-free as possible. Protective covers are placed on the driver's seat while your vehicle is being serviced. You can even request a fully sanitized loaner if your vehicle requires longer service time. Plus, after we service your vehicle, we can sanitize it with an EPA-approved disinfectant registered for use against COVID-19.

Shift the Sales Experience to Your Home

Some Customers prefer the added safety of not leaving home. That works for us, too. Our team can guide your sales experience online and over the phone, including loan or lease applications, trade appraisal, and paperwork.

The best part is that we can set-up delivery to your home. It's what we like to call Store-To-Door Delivery. At a scheduled time, your car will be delivered clean and sanitized. The entire delivery process will use all safety protocols, including social distancing and an individually wrapped disposable pen to sign all documents.

Taking the Lead on Safety, it's What We Do

AutoNation is America's Largest and Most Recognized Automotive Retailer and we're 100% committed to everyone's safety. Because leading by example is what Drives Us. Keep Driving Safe.

Even our cars wear masks

(sort of).